Never can we free ourselves from what surrounds us, we can only adapt or leave.


Tuurngaq was originally a rather benevolent spirit that the Inuit could call upon when in need. With Christianity, this spirit, freed from its original role, was assimilated to a demon. These few images are a search for traces left by Tuurngaq. This is a naive effort to illustrate the impact of freedom on the contemporary Inuit society of Greenland and as a parallel, how freedom, like Tuurngaq, at first desirable, may become malignant. These images attempt to document the price associated with such a freedom obtained at the expense of Nature herself.


Oil patch, Freedom from want.
All heating is now produced from a Power House burning oil, oil that sometimes slowly but irreversibly infiltrates the water sources of the community
The Life Line, Freedom from want
Dirty water is evacuated without any effort,
The Power House, Freedom from want
The Power House looks over everything as a King over its kingdom
Entrance to clean water, Freedom fro
Water is now available all year round, clean and exempt from disease
Jailed in themselves, Freedom from w
The fishing boats die one after the other, mainly used by tourists to encounter dying icebergs now that the food is served on supermarket's racks.
Texaco 69, Freedom of speech
You may denounce your main source of energy without any risk, and still be unbearable light.
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